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Diesel Generators

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Service - Spare Parts - Maintenance

About Us

Armak Makine, which started its activities in the Ikitelli region of Istanbul in 2001, set the target to meet the generator needs of our customers and both sales and after-sales services during the establishment phase and started to work with Turkey's leading companies. for this purpose.

Since the first day, it has adopted the idea that the generator is not just a product that meets the electricity needs and has acted with the logic of a solution partner in its activities. Armak Makine, which has made infrastructure investments not only in sales but also after sales, aims to provide the best service to its customers with its strong spare parts stock and mobile teams. In line with the developing market conditions and the demands of its customers, Armak Makine has started to import diesel engines and alternators from abroad, especially from the Far East, since 2005.

Generator Maintenance

After purchasing our generators, we want them to benefit from our Periodic Control and Maintenance services.

2nd Hand Rental and Sales

Expert production staff passes all necessary controls and puts them into service for renting or selling with affordable prices and different options.

Special Synchronous Projects

By using special synchronization systems, special solutions are provided for each high power energy projects.

24/7 Technical Support

24/7 Technical Service. Efficiency is very important in order to be more effective and more productive in the changing world conditions and competitive environment.